• Families Needed You and You Gave Them Comfort
    Families Needed You and You Gave Them Comfort

    When you have a sick child, sometimes even being just outside of the hospital can feel too far away.  The Ronald McDonald Family Room and the Ronald McDonald Cart with…

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  • Grandma's Pride and Joy
    Grandma's Pride and Joy

    For 15 years, Heather has been a McDonald's SuperHero taking care of Windsor Essex customers and families visiting the restaurant.  It was just over 5 years ago,…

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  • From Critical Care to Special Olympian!
    From Critical Care to Special Olympian!

    Lori doesn't need to leap buildings or run faster than a speeding bullet to be a SuperHero! Lori's daughter Emma was born with Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy, a rare…

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  • The life-changer you didn't know you needed
    The life-changer you didn't know you needed

    When Jessica woke up one morning, she never knew that a routine OB appointment that day would end with her being put in an ambulance and whisked away to a hospital 2…

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  • Home is Not a Place.  It's a Feeling
    Home is Not a Place. It's a Feeling

    I thought I was just being a "new mom" and it was all in my head, but I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right... Being a new mom can be overwhelming…

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  • Favourite Memories & Holiday Moments
    Favourite Memories & Holiday Moments

    Two years ago, on what began as a normal October day our lives changed forever. After a number of hospital visits and tests, we were told that our 2-year-old son, Luke, had…

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  • 194 Nights Over 8 Years
    194 Nights Over 8 Years

    As a proud McDonald's manager, Victoria is used to creating a great experience for guests and families from Lambton County.  What you don't know is that outside…

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  • Six Life Changing Letters
    Six Life Changing Letters

    “Something just didn’t feel right…” Have you ever experienced that thought and stomach-turning feeling telling you something is wrong…

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  • Trusting Intuition
    Trusting Intuition

    When Theo was born, there was the usual joy and excitement, but there was also something wrong.  He couldn't keep his food down and wasn't getting enough nutrition…

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  • We Were Paralyzed by Fear 24/7
    We Were Paralyzed by Fear 24/7

    During those 11 months, RMHC was the only steady support that was offered to families like mine. As a McDonald's manager, Tracey is used to keeping things organized and…

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  • Cartwheels 8 Years Later!
    Cartwheels 8 Years Later!

    “I never knew this space for families inside the hospital existed until Sienna became ill. I am forever grateful to have benefitted from the Family Room's&…

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  • Farmers Feed Cities,Colton's Eggs Keep Families Close!
    Farmers Feed Cities,Colton's Eggs Keep Families Close!

    You would never know today Colton was born prematurely, at 27 weeks, causing his family to call RMH London "home-away-from-home" for 114 days. Fast forward…

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  • A Blanket of Comfort
    A Blanket of Comfort

    We could be at the hospital, full of worry from the moment we walked in the sliding doors, but instantly have that worry replaced with comfort when entering the big red door…

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  • A Gift Not to Take for Granted
    A Gift Not to Take for Granted

    Our twin boys were born 9 weeks early, which brought a lot of uncertainty and anxiety to my husband and I. A hospital social worker at Windsor Regional Hospital had recommended…

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  • Family+Love = Freya's Breakfast
    Family+Love = Freya's Breakfast

    It was 2009 and Laura and Dan had been waiting patiently for their perfect valentine’s gift  – not diamonds or chocolate but something better. It was…

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  • Our Safe Haven
    Our Safe Haven

    In January 2016 we welcomed our baby, Lilah, into the world. She was a healthy and bright little girl who loved to coo and cuddle, but at her 1 month checkup our paediatrician…

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  • Helping Us Enjoy the Good Life Has to Offer
    Helping Us Enjoy the Good Life Has to Offer

    I am going to be honest. I had no clue what RMH really was…Darius was born with Down Syndrome and another rare disease called NF2. It’s so rare that he is the…

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  • The Comfort of a Chair
    The Comfort of a Chair

    The Cleft Strong Golf Tournament will be teeing off for its third year this September 18, 2021!  Inspired by 4-year-old Helaina who was born with a bilateral cleft lip…

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  • A Sense of Peace and Calmness
    A Sense of Peace and Calmness

    More than a year has passed since big sister Guiliana spent time with her Mom and Dad at Ronald McDonald House Windsor, but she certainly remembers it. "I want to go…

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  • From 0% Odds to 100% Home
    From 0% Odds to 100% Home

    My name is Kayla Ibarra and my family called RMH London home for 10 weeks while our 22-week-old twin girls were in-hospital. Our girls, Luna and Ema, were given 0% chance…

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  • Getting Big & Showing His Stripes!
    Getting Big & Showing His Stripes!

    In September of 2018, Lincoln surprised his parents Ben and Karlee by arriving early – at 25 weeks to be exact. Weighing only 1 lb. 13 oz., Lincoln’s parents…

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  • Illuminating Family Strength
    Illuminating Family Strength

    From the start Kyleigh has never made things easy… We found out we were pregnant Thanksgiving weekend October 2015. We went to our first few ultra sounds and everything…

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    When Mikaela and Luke knew they were going to have a baby the excitement started. As a photographer, Mikaela was getting the nursery ready and foreseeing the photos…

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  • A Cowgirl With Big Dreams!
    A Cowgirl With Big Dreams!

    The times Katie has been in the hospital have been the hardest   for our family , but our "home-away-from-home" makes things easier.   Katie was…

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  • They Say a Mother Always Knows...
    They Say a Mother Always Knows...

    I first heard of Ronald McDonald House back in 1994, when I was hired for my first real part time job at McDonald’s Arthur Street in Thunder Bay which is about 18 hrs…

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  • Home isn't a Place, It's a Feeling
    Home isn't a Place, It's a Feeling

    “Home is not a place…it’s a feeling.” When we think about Ronald McDonald House, the first thing that comes to mind is the word home. Ronald…

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  • Just call her Noodles!
    Just call her Noodles!

    It was July of 2010 when little Kameryn, just shy of her 2nd birthday, was brought by emergency services from Windsor to London due to an unknown medical condition affecting…

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  • Over 100 Nights
    Over 100 Nights

    We knew about Rylee's condition, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), while I was 21 weeks pregnant and were told we would be sent to London for her medical care…

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  • We Found a Group of Friends That Became Family
    We Found a Group of Friends That Became Family

    When Amelia and Harper arrived early at just 24 weeks, parents Johnathan and Jessica found RMH London their "home-away-from-home" for 152 nights. Johnathan…

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  • When Firefighters Make Magic
    When Firefighters Make Magic

    When asked how the Lakeshore Firefighters Association came to raise such amazing support for Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario, firefighter Andre Marentette…

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  • A Place to Catch our Breath
    A Place to Catch our Breath

    When our son, Keanen, was diagnosed with leukemia we went through a wide range of emotions, from fear and anger to sadness and guilt; the experience…

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  • Divide and Conquer
    Divide and Conquer

    Being pregnant during a pandemic doesn't come with a "how to" book or class, but it is something Jackie experienced firsthand. While the whole world was…

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  • McHappy Day Families - Website Banner
    Who You Are Helping on McHappy Day!

    Mchappy Day 2017 Our House is Your House  Look who you are helping when you support families who need to stay close with RMHC-SWO. RMH London, RMH Windsor and our Family…

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  • A Place that Feels Like Home
    A Place that Feels Like Home

    Oliver and Levi have the bluest eyes you could ever imagine with the busiest personalities keeping their parents on their toes! Chasing after these two toddlers can be exhausting…

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  • 39 Stays and Counting...
    39 Stays and Counting...

    The Little family first came to know RMH in 2011 when 18-month-old Olivia went into acute kidney failure.  Shortly after that, she was diagnosed with cystinosis which…

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  • A peek into the Family Room Guest Book
    A peek into the Family Room Guest Book

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  • The Manning Family Gives Back!
    The Manning Family Gives Back!

    On June 30th, 2015, Colleen and J.R. Manning found themselves at the hospital experiencing a world of unknown. After just giving birth to their son Samuel, the Mannings began…

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  • Staying Comfortable and Comforted at RMH Windsor
    Staying Comfortable and Comforted at RMH Windsor

    When you first see Joelle Karam and her mother Jeanne Nahal sitting comfortably on the couch, heads close together, in Ronald McDonald House Windsor’s family room,…

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  • The Pilon Family
    The Pilon Family

    Allison and Jon Pilon became familiar with RMHC-SWO this past February when their son Ian was born 5 weeks premature and needed care in the NICU. It was a very difficult…

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  • Keeping Brotherly-Love Together
    Keeping Brotherly-Love Together

    Mini Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes - I remember these so vividly. I remember finding them in the Ronald McDonald House kitchen one evening. I picked one up and examined it like…

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  • The Healing Heart of Kyleigh
    The Healing Heart of Kyleigh

    Every February, the supermarket aisles, window displays, and home decor are themed with hearts as many people have Valentine’s Day on their minds. …

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  • Evan's Story
    Evan's Story

    How is evan today? 2021 update “We are not sure where life will take him but he will always be smiling!” Today, Evan is a healthy happy boy that loves anything…

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  • Estefani's Story
    Estefani's Story

    Rene Rodriguez and Yuri Coto-Jimenez have a beautiful family, but Rene is a little outnumbered! With three girls running around, Rene's life is full of Hello Kitty, princesses…

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  • The Neufeld's Story
    The Neufeld's Story

    Waking up with a raspy cough usually means one thing…you have a cold. That is exactly what Margaret and Frank Neufeld thought when their 4 year old son Nathan had…

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  • The Ouellette Family
    The Ouellette Family

    An Early Holiday Gift ... The Ouellettes were thrilled when they found out they were expecting their fist child. With a son due on December 31st, the family was prepared…

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  • Clayton Says
    Clayton Says

    If you could use one word to describe your child, what would it be? Ken Jacques would say “fighter” best defines his 18 year old son, Clayton, who was born in…

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  • The LeClair Family
    The LeClair Family

    Hello, I’m here to talk to you today about how the Ronald McDonald House has had an effect on our family.  In 2006 my brother Jonas was unexpectedly sent to Sick…

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  • First family to stay in windsor Ronald Mcdonald House
    The First Family to Stay at RMH Windsor

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  • Rick's Ride for Hope
    Rick's Ride for Hope

    When your children go through a serious illness, even years after they have been home and well, there are some things you won’t forget. It may have been almost 9 years…

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  • Rudy's Story
    Rudy's Story

    In 2014, Rudy was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Within the course of a week, he went from the open spaces and freedom of a cottage vacation to being confined…

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  • We Came Together, We Leave Together
    We Came Together, We Leave Together

    Enjoying some rare down-time at home in Belle River, Michelle is a busy mom of two looking forward to welcoming her third baby girl later this year. It isn’t easy to…

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  • Family staying together over holidays
    Staying Together Over the Holidays at RMH

    How is quinton today? 2021 Update! Since Nikki’s original update, Quinton relapsed in the summer of 2018 leading the Howe family to once again call RMH London&…

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  • McHappy Day 2021 Advocate Families
    McHappy Day 2021 Advocate Families

    RMHC-SWO provides comfort to families from across Southwestern Ontario, and sometimes even further, when their child requires medical care in London or Windsor ON. We are…

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  • The Zondervan's Story
    The Zondervan's Story

    The Zondervans are definitely part of the RMH family! Staying with us for not just one, but two of their children. Parents Adam and Angela can't stress enough the importance…

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  • Hayden's Story
    Hayden's Story

    Married in 2011, Brittany and Mike Caravaggio had met in high school, fallen in love and were the epitome of what we like to call high school sweethearts. After their wedding…

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  • The Pepe's Family Story
    The Pepe's Family Story

    Lying in the delivery room moments after giving birth, Amanda was told by the doctor that her son Reed was a happy, healthy baby. Waiting with husband Ryan, and excited for…

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  • Elliot Lane's Story
    Elliot Lane's Story

    The Lane Family stayed at our House when Elliot was just 5 days old. Finding comfort in being close to their son, the family would spend long hours in the hospital and found…

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  • Tyler's Story
    Tyler's Story

    Tyler was a precious little baby, but oh boy was he little! Born prematurely at 27 weeks, he weighed just 2 lbs 4 oz. Experiencing preemie complications, Tyler required major…

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  • Timmy McGrath
    Timmy McGrath

    On Canada Day 2015, Team McGrath came to RMH London to decorate and provide Dinner at Our House for guest families. The volunteering experience was especially meaningful…

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  • The Holm Family
    The Holm Family

    November 12, 2015 Gage Holm, age 2,  is on Day 30 of his treatment for Leukemia. That small statement has such huge impact for the Holm family from Kitchener. It means…

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  • RMH Families Raise Awareness
    RMH Families Raise Awareness

    We are so thankful to have families share their experiences at RMH London with others to help raise awareness for how we help families with sick kids. Below, a family from…

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  • Helping New Dads Stay Close to Their New Twins
    Helping New Dads Stay Close to Their New Twins

    Marc-André Raymond and Jean-François Gendron had a beautiful home, were passionate about their careers and seemed complete in many ways, but something was missing…

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  • The Jacobi Family's Story
    The Jacobi Family's Story

    We came to Ronald McDonald House London around Christmas of 2011. My wife, Sue, had been a patient in the Children's Hospital in London for the previous 6.5 weeks in…

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  • She's our Little Spitfire!
    She's our Little Spitfire!

    The most helpful part about staying close was knowing I could go over and visit whenever I wanted yet knew when I left she wasn't far away. We know that having a sick…

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  • Julianne - The Inspiration
    Julianne - The Inspiration

    In 2014, just twelve hours after Julianne was born, her parents learned that a part of her intestine/bowel tissue had died. The surgeon wasn’t sure if she would survive…

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  • Lyn and Ayla's Story
    Lyn and Ayla's Story

    Ronald McDonald House Southwestern Ontario is very fortunate to have a number of supporters who dedicate their time to contributing to the well being of the families who…

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  • Jorie's Story
    Jorie's Story

    Hi. My name is Jorie Elliott. I am a grade 10 student from Kincardine, Ontario where I live with my mom (Sheryl), dad (Jeff) and my eighteen year old brother, Jarrett. I…

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  • Breanna's Story
    Breanna's Story

    A young girl with a passion for sports, a celebrity crush, and a fear of spiders, you would never know 15 year old Breanna Van Watteghem has overcome more challenges than…

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  • Olivia's Story
    Olivia's Story

    Every mother wants to hear her baby is healthy, but what happens when mom feels like something is wrong? This is what happened to Kim Vander Schelde after she gave birth…

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  • Mikaya, Skyler & Tracy
    Mikaya, Skyler & Tracy

    Tracy Teeter spent her first night of motherhood in a different city from her newborn twins, Skyler and Mikayla. Moments after their difficult birth, the baby girls were…

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  • Chase: My Dad saved my Life
    Chase: My Dad saved my Life

    Chase needed a new kidney, fast. His symptoms from Alport Syndrome were not under control and a transplant was his best chance for drastically improving his quality of life…

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  • Desta smile that lights up a room
    Desta's Story

    A smile can light up a room, and baby Desta has been lighting up our entire House with hers! Staying at RMH London with her parents since November, Desta has shared a smile…

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  • Christian resting at a wonderful place
    He Told Me About This Wonderful Place...

    It was just a normal Monday… I was 38 weeks pregnant and going in for my regular OB check-up at my local hospital in Hanover, Ontario. We were looking forward…

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  • Stella's Story
    Stella's Story

    Stella Vlad was born at 24 weeks, making 2.5 year old Jake a big brother earlier than expected. Carla and Jason had to work out a plan for being near Stella in London&rsquo…

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  • Emma's Story
    Emma's Story

    Emma Walsh spent 63 days in London Children’s Hospital as an inpatient after her family saw that her eating disorder was more than they could handle at home in Sarnia…

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  • Staying Close to Our Baby Girl
    Staying Close to Our Baby Girl

    Our family was devastated when we were told our 9 month old daughter may not survive her rare illness. We were lost. It's because of this incredible charity [Ronald McDonald…

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  • A Hockey-Playing, Dirt Bike Riding, Eight-Year-Old Boy
    A Hockey-Playing, Dirt Bike Riding, Eight-Year-Old Boy

    Carson was born with a bilateral cleft lip & palate, which has meant calling Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario our home several times when we need…

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