194 Nights Over 8 Years

194 Nights Over 8 Years RMH Will Continue To Be There

As a proud McDonald's manager, Victoria is used to creating a great experience for guests and families from Lambton County.  What you don't know is that outside of work, she is also an advocate for her daughter Jade. 

Jade was born prematurely weighing only 2 pounds, 10 ounces, and needed the helping hands of doctors to gain her strength.  Her journey didn't have just one obstacle in her path though.  Victoria and Jade would soon find themselves fighting a stage 3 brain tumour.

Victoria learned about strengths she didn't know she had
and faced fears she didn't know existed.

Once again, Jade needed care only offered far from home and RMHC was there every step of the way.  Jade's family found the comfort they needed when facing her uphill battle.  A place where Jade could explore, make friends, eat homemade meals, and of course have quality cuddle time with her mom.  After all, family is medicine!

RMH London gave Jade and Victoria space to play, sleep
and simply be together.

Today, Jade is a budding 8-year-old adventurous little girl who loves swimming and watching movies with her little brother.  She is still facing some medical challenges - but with Victoria and RMHC by her side, she has the support she needs to conquer anything life throws her way.

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