A Place to Catch our Breath

A Place to Catch our Breath Behind the Red Door at RMHC

When our son, Keanen, was diagnosed with leukemia we went through a wide range of emotions, from fear and anger to sadness and guilt; the experience of having a seriously ill child is an endless roller coaster of ups and downs. Every aspect of our lives, from where we would go to what we would do, shifted.

Today, even though we are back home, we still have to worry about our son's health and the impact of everything on all three of our kids.  It can be difficult to manage all the logistics of hospital visits, medication routines, and schedules when one child is seriously ill .

We couldn't believe when we learned Ronald McDonald House (RMH) was a place we could stay together as a family just steps away from Keanen's hospital room. Being from the Sarnia-Lambton area, we were thankful a place like RMH existed to keep us close to medical care at London Children's Hospital. We could stay in a comfortable private room, share meals together that were prepared by amazing volunteers, and have space for our two daughters to run and play while being close to their brother.  I can not tell you how much RMH eased our burden during a very difficult time. Through Keanen's journey we have called RMH London "home" for over 50 nights, and I am sure we will stay close again as appointments and procedures continue. 

Our kids' favorite memories #BehindTheRedDoor

Keanen (11 yrs old):

"I loved movie nights. The whole family got to sit in a special room with a giant screen and watched a movie. They even made us yummy popcorn!" 

Exoria (Sister, 8 yrs old):

"I remember they opened up a room called the Treasure Room. It was so pretty and we could pick out something special just for us. I was so excited." 

Eliana (Sister, 3 yrs old):

"I like the playroom and when I play there" 

RMH is a place where we feel comfortable every time we stay. The staff and volunteers truly make it feel like home. I breathe a sigh of relief every time I walk in. It means we have a few less things to worry about. Even now when surprise hospital trips happen we know that RMH London and the Family Room in the hospital will help us get through. 

                                                           - Mikelle, Keanen's Mom

poster of Campbell Family staying at Ronald McDonald House London

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