Emma's Story

Emma's Story Emma's Story

Emma Walsh spent 63 days in London Children’s Hospital as an inpatient after her family saw that her eating disorder was more than they could handle at home in Sarnia. As Emma recovered, her mom, Michelle, stayed at Ronald McDonald House London surrounded by other parents, caring staff and dedicated volunteers.

Emma got to visit her mom at RMH and was able to relax outside of the hospital environment; she could even treat herself to “a real, private bath” in a room that felt close to home. After she was discharged from the hospital, Emma was invited to attend the hospital’s Eating Disorder Day Treatment Program to continue to learn and cope with her illness; it is an excellent program but living in Sarnia and attending daily programming would have been impossible for the Walsh family. Emma and Michelle stayed together at the Ronald McDonald House, so their 'home' was close to the services Emma needed. 

Emma and her mom hold white coffee mugs in RMH London Kitchen

Emma’s Mom Michelle was very grateful:

The Day program has helped Emma make excellent progress in being able to develop coping skills to lead a productive, healthy life. We wouldn’t have been able to afford Emma being away [for the program] without Ronald McDonald House; with the House, I can be with her through her recovery process. We eat the House’s home-cooked meals together and it’s a good distraction to be surrounded by other families eating together. Emma would have been in a cycle of hospitalization, home, hospitalization, home, without the ability to do this day program.

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