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A Sweet Memory and Reminder WHY I Volunteer

A Sweet Memory and Reminder WHY I Volunteer

When I think of cookies, I think of warmth and goodness. That was my very first impression of RMH when I entered the main door for my first time as a volunteer.  I had no idea who was baking, but the lovely aroma wafted from the kitchen, welcoming me to the front door. Later, I found out that this inviting aroma travelled throughout the house all the way up to the third floor. Family members comment each and every time they smell the baking and their smiles are evident, which is very nice to see considering the stress that they are experiencing. The sweet smells our baking teams create certainly make Ronald McDonald House feel like home.

Last year, I was part of an RMHC Choir! Choir! Choir! event. The McDonald's heart-shaped RMHC cookies were shared with us.  Now, each time I see them I have a sweet memory of that event.  I also enjoyed it when RMH London received boxes of the heart-shaped cookies and another volunteer and I were asked to bake a few trays.

The RMHC Cookies are not only delicious but the heart shape is adorable.  Beyond the great taste, I think that these cookies truly depicts both our brand and our mission- to give sick kids what they need their most- their parents’ love!

While we are lucky to have all sorts of baking products produced by our volunteers, I think the chocolate chip cookie is still an overall favourite. 

- Sue B. (RMH London Volunteer)

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