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Donate A Vehicle

Are you ready to get rid of your unwanted vehicle? You can donate it and help families go the distance for their seriously ill children receiving medical care far from home. Sold at a worldwide Impact Auto Auction, proceeds from the sale will come directly to RMHC-SWO while a tax receipt rolls your way!

What Kind of Vehicles Can I Donate?

You can donate a number of different vehicles to help keep families close. From boats and seadoos,  to cars, RV's and motorcycles - if it has wheels and a motor you can likely donate it! 

The vehicle doesn't run? No problem, Impact Auto Auctions will come tow your vehicle at no cost to you.


Step 1:
Visit the website or call 1-855-409-9495.

Step 2:
We can tow your vehicle free of cost if it doesn't run, or if still drives and you would like to bring it to the nearest auction location that works too!

Step 3:
The vehicle will be cleaned and presented at its best for auction, where buyers from around the world have the chance to preview and bid on the vehicle. Impact Auto Auctions will take care of all title and sales-related paperwork for you!

Step 4:
You will receive your sales receipt in the mail to file for a tax deduction!

Donate Your Vehicle

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