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Illuminate the House

Illuminate the House

As the winter season approaches and snow begins to fall, traveling far from home remains a reality for 70% of families with seriously ill children who require access to specialized medical care. Last winter season, 410 families traveled to Children’s Hospital and called Ronald McDonald House (RMH) London their “home-away-from-home”.  Having RMH London just 165 steps from the Hospital  reduces stress, helps to reduce unplanned costs, and most importantly gives families the gift of time with their children and families.

Children Brighten Our World, Now We are Inviting You to Illuminate Theirs

You can bring warmth, light and love to RMH families this winter season when you make a gift to Illuminate the House. We have a goal of raising $25,000! Your gift will help to provide the “behind the scenes” necessities that keep our House cozy for the important things, like…

·         A good night sleep in a cozy private bedroom- regenerating parents from many  long days in hospital and sleepless nights

·         A hot and refreshing shower to re-energize a tired parent

·         Access to laundry to help refresh a favourite “blankie” or stuffy

Kyleigh’s Family had RMH London to illuminate strength on their most difficult days…

Kyleigh smiling as a baby wearing her hospital beads“When I look back over the past year it feels like a dream. As if all the health issues Kyleigh had, and overcome were just terrible dreams.

I then change her clothes or her shirt dips a little low. I see the scars from the I.V. pokes, the scars from her drainage, or the chest scar from her open heart surgery. When I see these, I see a fighter, I see a survivor, I see a life, and I see a warrior.

When I see her smile and laugh, I hear her cry, squeal, talk and babble, I see the love of our family, friends, surgeons, doctors, and nurses.

When she blows a kiss or gives a snuggle or hug, I feel the love of a community.

Over the past year she has taught me what is important, what is worth fighting for and not to worry over the small things.

Kyleigh today at 2 years old smiling and looking happy

The most important thing that Kyleigh has taught me is that scars are beautiful.

Kyleigh is an active, sassy, happy, full of life 17month old. She does nothing slowly and continues to surprise us daily. She is a gift we will be forever grateful for. Thank you RMH London for being our home-away-from-home.”

      XOXO Kristy, Brent and Kyleigh

 Illuminating Behind the Scenes at RMH London...

Graphic of a House highlighting different spaces at RMH London



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