Harry Van Bavel

Business Affiliation

Lawyer at Harrison Pensa LLP

Why I Love RMH

"I love RMH because of its many fine people who  give of themselves to  drive the mission to deliver real comfort and support to the families of sick children"

Lou-Anne Farrell
Past President

Counsel, FPLaw (Ferguson Patterson)

Why I Love RMH

Because it’s such a great place and I love feeling I can help to make just a little bit of difference for families with sick children.

Amanda Mulder

Manager of Risk, Risk and Controls, Individual Customer Finance at London Life 

John Simioni
McDonald's Appointee

McDonald's Owner/Operator 

Why I Love RMH

I love Ronald McDonald House because it is proven to improve the probability of children recovering from life-threatening illness. The ability to have their family and loved ones close to them is exactly what RMHC is able to provide and I am honoured to be on the board of this charity

Carl Edwards

Principal, Personal Pension Consulting Inc.

Why I Love RMH

All great organizations have mission and vision statements, and what I love about RMH is that the staff and volunteers live up to those statements every day. Through their caring and commitment, the people of RMH-SWO truly does provide comforting and supportive care, which provides sick children with what they need most - their families.

Anne McNeil
Vice President

Human Resources Manager, Natra Chocolate America

Why I Love RMH

I love RMH because this organization gives back to the community in a way that, as a mom, I feel is important, and the compassionate, caring staff and volunteers inspire me.


Barbara Leslie

President - Leslie & Associates Inc.

Why I Love RMH

I have experienced first-hand the tremendous positive impact that RMH has on families. It offers support, on many levels, to families at a time they
need it most.


Nicole Harris

Talent Manager - Cargill

Why I Love RMH

I have had the opportunity to be involved with RMH since joining Cargill in 2014. This connection has allowed me to connect with families whose lives have been impacted by RMH during a significant time of need and with staff/volunteers whose passion for the house is contagious. Hearing, first-hand, families describe RMH as a safe haven, a home that provides comfort and peace, and a place that keeps families together, quickly solidifies for me the important work that this charity and its staff and volunteers perfo

Samantha Parsons

London Health Sciences Centre & University Hospital

Why I Love RMH

I love that RMH provides comfort, support and love during the most challenging times for families. The moment you walk through the doors at the house and the family room you can feel the energy and comfort from all staff, volunteers and other families who support one another in a home-like environment. It truly is the house that love built!

Rob Reid

McDonald's Owner/Operator 

Why I Love RMH

What I love about RMH is the ability to positively impact the lives of so many families when they are the most vulnerable. 

Patricia Hoffer

Chief Communications Officer, Communications and Public Affairs at St.Joseph's Health Care London  

Why I Love RMH

It is inspiring and humbling to witness the strength, resilience and hope of our children and their families. I love being part of the RMH family and being able to play a role in how this organization supports those who need it most.

Laura Emmett

Lawyer, Strigberger Brown Armstrong LLP


Why I Love RMH

What I love most about the RMH is reflected in one of my first visits to the House. Two sick children were playing together. One said "I'm sick." The other responded "I'm sick too." With that, they went back to playing. That's what RMH is all about. Making kids and families feel comfortable during an incredibly difficult time.

Jon Williams

Head of Williams Financial Group at Manulife Securities

Why I Love RMH

I love Ronald McDonald house because it helps families during one of the most difficult times they will ever face.  It's a wonderful organization and I'm proud to be a small part of it. 


Dave Strano

Operator, Burrito Boyz London/President, Strano Property Management

Why I Love RMH

RMH has, is and always will be special to me because of the small and big things they do to keep families together in a happy, loving environment.

David Musyj

President & Chief Executive Officer, Windsor Regional Hospital


Why I Love RMH

RMH has an amazing history of helping families through some of the most challenging times in their lives. We’re now seeing the impact inside our own hospital, where we house an RMH serving families across Windsor-Essex. I love what RMH means for our community and I’m proud to support this vital organization. 


Derek Lall

Director, Facilities Management, London Health Sciences Centre


Why I Love RMH

I love the RMH for their impact of compassion and support that is delivered through the staff, volunteers each day to families in need during a difficult time. It is great to be apart of this organization.


Kelly Finlayson
Hospital Appointee

Director of Children's Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre

Why I Love RMH

I love the way the RMH wraps it’s arms around so many families and provides support, caring, and comfort during times families need it the most. 

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