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Ronald McDonald House Charities® Southwestern Ontario How To Help

Wish List

A simple way to help provide support for our guest families is by donating things our Houses and Family Room are in need of.


If you make a donation of food items from our Wish List, please check expiration dates as we cannot serve an expired product.


  • Any Item that has been previously used
  • Stuffed Animal or teddy bear donations
  • Physical pop-tab donations

Our Wishlist Items

  • RMH London General Wishlist 


    • Adult & Children’s Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

    • Dental Floss

    • Deodorant (Men's and Women's)

    • Feminine Hygiene Products – Pads

    • Razors and Shaving Cream (Men's and Women's)

    • Pocket Kleenex packs

    • Baby Wipes

    House & Pantry:

    • Pantry Staples: Tortilla Chips, Crackers, Microwavable Popcorn, Tuna, KD Cups, Instant Noodles, Juice Boxes, Pasta Sauce
    • Condiments: Peanut Butter, Maple Syrup, Nutella, Cheese Whiz, Honey, Jam, BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce, Mayo, Salad Dressing
    • Kitchen Staples: Small Sandwich Bags, Snack Size Sandwich Bags, Plastic Wrap, Parchment Paper
    • Grab and Go Snacks: Pudding Cups, Fruit Cups, Granola Bars, Snack Pack Jello Packs, Nutrigrain Bars, Welch's Fruit Snacks
    • Individual Packages of: Goldfish, Potato Chips, Trail Mix, Ritz Crackers with Cheese
    • Baking: Chocolate Chips, Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Flour, Oats
    • $25+ Gift Cards: Gas Stations, Grocery Store, Costco, Personal Care, Restaurants, etc.

    Cleaning Closet:

    • All purpose cleaning / disinfecting spray
    • Dish Soap
    • Hand Soap (individual pumps)
    • Swiffer Wet-Jet cleaning solution refills
    • Scrubbing Bubbles disposable toilet cleaning pads
    • Lysol and/or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (Household strength)
    • Dryer Sheets (un-scented)
    • Swiffer Wet-Jet Mopping Pads

    Specialty Items:

    • Travel Size Body Wash
    • Travel Size Conditioner
    • Travel Size Shampoo
    • Feminine Hygiene Products - Pads
    • Women's and Men's Deodorant
    • Coffee Tumblers
    • Reusable Water Bottles
    • Travel Size Mouthwash
    • AAA Batteries
    • AA Batteries
    • Travel Size Body Lotion
    • Adult Activity Books (Sudoko, Word Search, Colouring)
    • Notebooks
    • Pens
    • Chapstick
    • Children's Puzzles
    • Colouring Books
    • Activity Books
    • Hair Brushes
    • Loofas
    • Shaving Cream
    • Facial wipes
  • RMH Windsor General Wishlist 

    Due to the location of the Windsor House, inside the Windsor Regional Hospital, donation drop-off needs to be scheduled to ensure a staff member is available to accept the donation outside of the hospital doors. 

    Please connect with Stephanie Porritt at or 519-254-5577 ext 52283 to schedule your drop-off time.

    House & Pantry:

    • $25+ Gift Cards:  Costco, Amazon, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Superstore, Petro-Canada/Esso Gas, Dollerama, Shoppers Drug Mart
    • Pantry: Individually wrapped store-bought snacks
    • Household Items: Lysol/disinfectant wipes, Tide Pods, Unscented dryer sheets, pump-style hand soap
    • Specialty Items: Small toys for the Cart Program***most needed***, adult-size slippers

    Welcome Bag Items:

    • Facial wipes/make-up remover
    • Hairbrushes
    • Lip balm
    • Deodorant
    • Travel size unscented hand lotion
  • RMH Family Room London Wishlist 

    • Packaged Meal Items: Instant noodles (cups), Instant Kraft Dinner (cups), Small Soup Cans, Large Soup Cans, Alphaghetti, Chef Boyardee
    • Grab and Go Snacks:  Juice Boxes, Individually Packaged Goldfish Snacks, Bear Paws, Rice Krispies, Fruit Cups, Apple Sauces, Crackers, Microwave Popcorn
    • Toiletries: Travel Size Conditioner, Travel Size Shampoo, Travel Size Body Wash, Deodorant, Hairbrushes, Feminine Pads, Tampons, Nail Clippers, Chapstick, Toothbrushes (adult and children), Toothpaste, Travel Sized Shaving Cream, Elastics or Scrunchies
    • Activities/Help Yourself Items: Crayons, Pencil Crayons, Markers, Adult Colouring Books, Adult Activity Books, Notebooks, Children's Colouring Books, Children's Activity Books, Board Games


    Please Note:
    Our RM Family Room in London only has a kitchenette with a microwave.