39 Stays and Counting...

39 Stays and Counting... A Place to call Home

The Little family first came to know RMH in 2011 when 18-month-old Olivia went into acute kidney failure.  Shortly after that, she was diagnosed with cystinosis which is a rare and serious disease with a lifelong impact and can affect many parts of the body.

Not everyone understands what it means to not worry about making a meal or where to take a shower until that day becomes a reality.  I never had to worry about this. I can't even imagine the extra layers of pain that I would have had if I had to worry about hotel bills, eating out and something as simple as a shower.

These days, Olivia is 11 years old and loves spending time with her sister Harper.  Olivia has found passion in the pool and strives to be a competitive swimmer.  She lets nothing stop her!

Family poster - Grey Bruce

Olivia is still managing life with cystinosis and has slowly progressed to stage 4 chronic kidney disease which will one day require Olivia to have a kidney transplant, possibly by one of her immediate family members. 

We have recently started to plan for a future kidney transplant which is scary, especially when not one but two family members will potentially be having surgery leaving the other two behind. Although we aren't there yet, I have peace of mind that we will be calling RMHC our home during those times.

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