Chase: My Dad saved my Life

Chase: My Dad saved my Life Chase's Story

Chase needed a new kidney, fast. His symptoms from Alport Syndrome were not under control and a transplant was his best chance for drastically improving his quality of life. Luckily, his Dad Dana was a match!

Over the past year Chase has had to travel from home in Sault St. Marie to London's Children's Hospital for tests, assessments, and specialist appointments - specialized services that are not available at home. While at RMH, the family can use the kitchen to prepare meals that adhere to Chase's strict diet, saving money while doing what's best for Chase.

In March, 2015, Chase presented his speech to his class. It started, "I want to talk to you today about my dad."  He talked about the fun things they do together, games, k'nex, hospital visits. "Even when I have to do scary things like operations, my Dad is always by my side. He's always there to make me laugh and give me courage.

My Dad is going to save my life. He is going to have an operation to give me one of his kidneys to help me live longer. He will be right by my side, we will do it together... I feel really special because I will have an actual piece of my hero inside of me, not many people can say that about their hero.

We are happy to report that Chase and Dana are doing well post-surgery. Dana is moving slowly as he recovers (no driving!), but he still wants to be near his son in the hospital. At Ronald McDonald House, Dana and Sheri are able to stay close enough to the hospital to visit Chase daily. They will continue to stay at RMH while Chase's recovery is monitored by his healthcare team.

During that time, Chase is excited to do things he couldn't do before because of health precautions: He can eat a "whole banana" and drink some chocolate milk. He can have a shower and is looking forward to swimming at the local pool back home. 

How does Chase feel about recovery? As he wrote in his speech, "My Dad's kidney will make me strong just like him. It's really kind of cool because now I will be a super hero too."

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