Elliot Lane's Story

Elliot Lane's Story Elliot Lane's Story

The Lane Family stayed at our House when Elliot was just 5 days old. Finding comfort in being close to their son, the family would spend long hours in the hospital and found a refuge in the Ronald McDonald Family Room. This space within the hospital gave them a place to do a load of laundry,  grab a coffee and feel refreshed for Elliot.

“Elliot was born September 25, 2013 in Windsor, Ontario.  When he was born it was discovered that he had a Cystic Hygroma on the right side of his neck.  When he was just a few days old he had a respiratory episode which lead to an admittance to the NICU in Windsor.

Shortly after being admitted in Windsor, it was determined that Elliot needed to see specialists in London at the Children's Hospital.  We were transferred to the PCCU where Elliot was quickly upgraded to the paediatric floor.  As he grew, Elliot became stronger and his respiratory issues subsided. 

After a week on the paediatric floor we were able to bring Elliot home to his brother and sister.  Throughout late 2013 and early 2014 Elliot continued to have issues related to the cyst; he developed infections which were localized to that area and required more hospitalizations in London.  With IV antibiotics each infection was successfully treated and our stays were kept to minimum. 

By a stroke of luck, Elliot's last infection led to a spontaneous regression of the cyst.  We have seen a considerable decrease in the size of the cyst and have no infections since mid 2014.  Throughout this journey we became more and more aware of the support that RMHSWO provides to patients and family at Victoria Children's Hospital.  We have decided that, throughout Elliot's life we will do what we can to show our gratitude for the great things they do and the services they provide.”  

-Cooper and Kristie Lane
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