Getting Big & Showing His Stripes!

Getting Big & Showing His Stripes! Lincoln's Journey

In September of 2018, Lincoln surprised his parents Ben and Karlee by arriving early – at 25 weeks to be exact. Weighing only 1 lb. 13 oz., Lincoln’s parents knew that he was going to have a long journey ahead of him… and so would they. 

Shortly after Lincoln’s delivery, Ben and Karlee stepped outside of the hospital doors and right into RMHC-SWO where they would call us home for the next 95 nights.  Having all the comforts of home while only being 165 steps away from Lincoln gave great comfort to Lincoln’s parents as he fought his way through brain bleeds and other micro-preemie complications.  They were able to eat, sleep, and keep themselves strong and healthy for Lincoln. A drive back and forth from their home community of Chatham-Kent would have meant less time focusing on what mattered most – their son’s health.

Lincoln as a baby

They found comfort in the warmth of the House, the friendliness of the staff as they shared videos and updates of Lincoln’s progress and enjoyed down time in the dining room with other families who understood.

When Karlee was asked what she would like to share with RMH donors, she responded...

"Thank you for helping families like mine worry a little less on where to stay so we can focus on our little babies".

Lincoln is happy and back home but like any preemie family, his parents pay close attention to any health issues that may arise.  Recently, that meant a trip to the hospital for the removal of a bladder stone. Lincoln also received AFO braces to help with the hyperextension of his knees – he’s been walking and running “trip free” ever since! His parents find comfort knowing that if they ever have another extended stay in London for Lincoln, their “home away from home” will be there.

Lincoln is one of our big Show Your Stripes advocates! He’s got his RMHC socks, and new friend Burrow the Bunny to snuggle with.
You help families like his when you get your #SYSSWAG and share your stripes on social to raise awareness and support. 

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