Christian resting at a wonderful place

He Told Me About This Wonderful Place... Christian's Journey

It was just a normal Monday… I was 38 weeks pregnant and going in for my regular OB check-up at my local hospital in Hanover, Ontario. We were looking forward to delivering our second child there as we had enjoyed being close to home with our first. When the doctor came to see me she didn't like my measurements and ordered an ultrasound.

When I went home I started noticing that I wasn't feeling much movement. We went in for our ultrasound on Wednesday and when the technician looked at me she felt I'd better go up to OB. My doctor came in and explained to me that I would need to go to London as the baby was quiet small and needed to be delivered as soon as possible. After we called my parents to make arrangements for our two year old daughter we grabbed my bag and we're off for the 3 hour drive. All the way we were hoping our baby would be born bigger then they estimated – they guessed 4 lbs. – and that we would be able to come home. I was induced upon arrival, but after 10 hours the baby's heart rate plummeted.

They had to do an emergency C-Section. This was terrifying as my partner, Craig, couldn't be with me and I had to be put under. They had the baby out in 8 minutes from the time his heart rate started dropping. Christian Daniel Danciu was born on April 14 and weighed exactly 4 lbs. I was in recovery receiving the news of having a boy ( I had not known) and that he was small and in the NICU in an isolette. On the way back to my room they wheeled me past my tiny son and I knew we weren't going to be leaving for a few days at least...

Christian wasn’t feeding well and had a hard time maintains his temperature over the next few days.  As I recovered and went back and forth painfully to the NICU, Craig worried about what was going to happen when he had to return to work the day after my discharge and leave me in London, alone, recovering from surgery and emotionally distraught.

THEN someone mentioned the RMH. Craig went next door to check it out and returned with tears of joy and relief in his eyes. He told me about this wonderful place where he was greeted with warm smiles, open arms and a solution to part of a problem. The first night we checked in we had the best meal I had had in a week and we were treated with goodies for myself and my children. The bedroom was beautiful and felt like home. My favorite part was being able to open the windows on the warm April days and let air in. I was able to have family members come and stay with me and bring my much missed daughter down to see me. Over the rest of my 16 day stay the RMH London supported my body and mind so I could heal and get stronger to help my Son grow. THANK YOU for all the amazing work you do RMH!  

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