Just call her Noodles!

Just call her Noodles! Then and Now

It was July of 2010 when little Kameryn, just shy of her 2nd birthday, was brought by emergency services from Windsor to London due to an unknown medical condition affecting her breathing.  Within a few hours, doctors realized there was something much more going on than what was originally suspected. 

The doctors told us they thought it would be wise if we went over and checked into the Ronald McDonald House but I can remember us not being sure we wanted to.  We thought we would just get a hotel for a few days but they explained we may be here longer than we think so we thought we would check it out and go from there. We had no idea how much that decision would impact our lives at the time. We came to find out that Kameryn had a mass in her chest that the doctors were quite sure was cancer.

While parents Allan and Kim were awaiting test results, little Kameryn slipped into a coma as the mass swelled.  This began their very long journey to helping Kameryn get well.

What we remember most about the House is the sense of community and love that came from the staff and volunteers. We had to go through some tough moments and their support gave us less to worry about while, most importantly, keeping us by Kameryn’s side the entire time. When Kameryn got to a point in her treatment where she was able to stay with us at the House, but we were not able to go back home to Windsor, Ronald McDonald House London became our home-away-from-home where we had the entire family together.

While staying in the House, Kameryn’s treatment caused her to want to eat pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  This is how she became affectionately known as “noodles” to the staff and volunteers who felt like family.

Without Ronald McDonald House, we would have never been able to be there with our daughter while she healed. We would never have been able to have the whole family together which was truly a blessing.

                 The Mallais Family
80 nights between 200 - 2013

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