Mikaya, Skyler & Tracy

Mikaya, Skyler & Tracy Mikayla, Skyler, and Tracy

Tracy Teeter spent her first night of motherhood in a different city from her newborn twins, Skyler and Mikayla. Moments after their difficult birth, the baby girls were rushed to the London Children’s hospital while Tracy recovered in the Orangeville hospital.

Tracy and her boyfriend Matt spent the next week living moment to moment as their girls fought through numerous complications. When Skyler passed away at four days old, the family had little time to mourn as they continued to see Mikayla through further infections requiring blood transfusions and invasive treatments.

Tracy and her family were able to stay at RMH-London while Mikayla grew stronger. Tracy recalls that it was at Ronald McDonald House, with the guidance of her mother and other parents going through similar experiences that she “learned how to be a mom.”  At the time, Tracy was 19 - only a year older than some of the patients at Children’s Hospital. Tracy’s mom, Cindy, was understandably worried when she had to leave her daughter’s side and return to work, but it gave her great comfort knowing that Tracy would have “a warm place to stay and meals provided” at RMH.  Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario was there to give Tracy many of the supports a new mother in her position needed and also to give the “grandma’s support” when Cindy couldn’t. Seventy-seven days after they checked in, Tracy was able to take her miracle baby Mikayla home to Dundalk for the first time.


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