Rudy's Story

Rudy's Story Rudy's Story

In 2014, Rudy was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Within the course of a week, he went from the open spaces and freedom of a cottage vacation to being confined to a hospital bed spending most of the time in the same small room with his worried parents.

After the most intense round of treatment, Rudy was discharged from hospital but being so fragile post-chemotherapy, he had to stay within half an hour from London Children’s Hospital. Going home to Tavistock was not an option.

Ronald McDonald House provided Rudy and his family with a safe and clean place to live while Rudy recovered, and just as importantly it provided the space that a teen and his family need to coexist and heal in times of stress. Rudy was able to spend time doing things on his own: reading in the RMH library, waking up early and making his own gourmet breakfast, watching the Food network and hanging out with buddies that came to visit from home.

For his parents, it was a relief to know that they could give Rudy the space he needed and still know he was safe and close by them and the hospital.

Rudy and his family standing out front of RMH London's front door

RMH gave the Chiles family the chance to extend Rudy’s support system by having extended family and friends visit and stay with them. Grandma kept up Rudy’s prescribed routine of daily walks, friends played video games with him, and Grandpa schooled him up in chess on weekends! Sometimes it takes a whole family to weather a crisis, and RMH was proud to help the Chiles family do just that. 

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