The Manning Family Gives Back!

The Manning Family Gives Back! The Manning Family

On June 30th, 2015, Colleen and J.R. Manning found themselves at the hospital experiencing a world of unknown. After just giving birth to their son Samuel, the Mannings began to feel a lack of control. Their baby boy weighed just 4 lbs 12 oz. and was having trouble breathing.

They were fearful that their new son may not get to come home with them. All these emotions overwhelmed what, in Colleen’s eyes, should have been a joyful time welcoming their fourth child into the family,

The first 48 hours after Samuel was born were the scariest. He had stopped breathing six times when he was just two days old.

It wasn’t until after those first 48 hours that the family was able to catch their breath as Samuel stabilized and, as Colleen puts it, began “feeding like a champ”.

While going through the ups and downs after Samuel’s birth, the Mannings had their home-away-from-home keeping them close when he needed them most, and Samuel’s big sister Madison was able to stay at the House too! Colleen felt good knowing she was able to give Samuel the care he needed and still spend time with his curious big sister, while her two oldest boys were taking care of the family home in Alvinston. Colleen and J.R. were eternally grateful,

We were fortunate to only need the house for 13 nights; many other families are there months on end. But in those two weeks the House changed our lives. It was just a humbling experience to know a place like this is there for families like ours.

After returning home with Samuel in July, the Mannings found themselves looking for a way to say thank you — thanks for the nights of comfort, for the ongoing support, and for just being there. That’s when J.R., a truck driver, thought of holding an ultimate truck show. 

With the help of their family and friends, along with the trucking community, the Mannings hosted the first Trucking for Kids event and raised over $30,000!

The support went to helping sick kids at both Children’s Health Foundation and Ronald McDonald House. 

The generous $15,000 donation to RMHC-SWO went toward adopting a room at RMH London to ensure the space is always ready to keep future guest families comfortable as they stay close to their seriously ill child.

2017 Follow-Up with the Family

The Manning Family held their second Trucking for Kids event and raised $37,000 for families with sick kids! The generous donation will be split between Ronald McDonald House Charities SWO and Children's Health Foundation. The Manning Family is doing great and Samuel is a healthy, happy active toddler. Special thanks to the family and committee for turning their passion for trucks into a way to #KeepFamiliesClose




2018 Follow-Up with the Family

Year three for the Tucking for Kids - Truck and Car Show was one for the books! With 169 trucks, 16 cars, hundreds of community members and of course amazing sponsors the event was able to raise $45,000 to be divided between RMHC-SWO and Children's Health Foundation! We can't say thank you enough to the Manning Family, the trucking community, and everyone who attended for their continuous support to help keep families close!

Mark your calendars for June 8th, 2019  - we'll see you in Ilderton! 
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