The Pilon Family

The Pilon Family Staying close at the RM Family Room London

Allison and Jon Pilon became familiar with RMHC-SWO this past February when their son Ian was born 5 weeks premature and needed care in the NICU. It was a very difficult time for the couple, as their experience was far from the birth plan they had expected.

Even though they lived in the London area, Allison was adamant that she did not want to go home from the hospital without her new baby. Across town seemed so far at the time.

This is when the Ronald McDonald Family Room on the 6th floor at Children’s Hospital became that support the family needed for the 2 weeks Ian was in-hospital . They found themselves using the space every day, whether it was to have a coffee, quick shower or just to grab a snack.

Allison also took advantage of the sleep rooms the space offers and was able to nap and stay overnight just down the hall from her son. Spending 100% of their energy on Ian's medical care was exhausting at times.

Whenever Allison and Jon felt overwhelmed they would step into the Family Room and feel as though they were in the comfort of their own home. Sometimes being away from the beeps, wires and doctors, even if just for a moment, was all they needed to feel refreshed and ready to get right back to Ian's side.

Fortunately, Ian grew strong enough to return home and is very healthy now. Today, Allison and Jon are forever grateful that RMHC-SWO provided the support they needed during their difficult journey to stay close to Ian when it mattered most. 

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