Trusting Intuition

Trusting Intuition When Your Gut Just Knows

When Theo was born, there was the usual joy and excitement, but there was also something wrong.  He couldn't keep his food down and wasn't getting enough nutrition to grow.  Was this something that would pass?    Was this an allergy to milk?  Or was it something more serious? 

As the saying goes, a mother always knows
and Nadine knew she couldn't stop until she had answers.

Theo was extremely malnourished and headed for organ failure.  Finally, at 10 weeks old, his family received a diagnosis - Pyloric Stenosis, an uncommon condition in infants that blocks food from entering the small intestine.  Theo needed surgery immediately and was being transferred to London as soon as he was stable.  In complete shock, Nadine didn't think to consider needing somewhere to stay more than 200 km from home.

I always thought RMHC was just a hotel but it is so much more than that.

Group photo of family

For 3 weeks, RMH was Nadine's home-away-from-home.  A place to get some rest, have something to eat, and take a shower.  Nadine was even treated to some salon time in the RMH Wellness Room with a volunteer hairdresser.  This allowed her to stop feeling like a nurse and start feeling like a mom again.  RMH took care of Nadine, so she could be there for Theo.

RMH doesn't just keep families together, they help them get through the hard times by creating fun and positive memories.

Today, Theo is a thriving and energetic 9-year-old who loves to play hockey and Mom is his number one fan!

Photo of mom with her 3 kids

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