We Found a Group of Friends That Became Family

We Found a Group of Friends That Became Family Thanksgiving at RMHC-SWO

When Amelia and Harper arrived early at just 24 weeks, parents Johnathan and Jessica found RMH London their "home-away-from-home" for 152 nights. Johnathan and Jessica, expecting Amelia and Harper to be the best Christmas gifts ever, found themselves at LHSC-NICU in August 2019, with twin girls weighing just over a pound each. This year, thanksgiving may look a little different for many families, but the Lampman's journey reminds us there's always something to be thankful for - Family!

"We live in Strathroy and would not have been able to stay close to our daughters if not for Ronald McDonald House.  We found a group of friends that became family and every night we would meet for dinner. Some husbands were able to join after work and we would talk about our days and our kids. We were able to lean on each other and support one another. Those dinners were our little place of normal, away from the beeping machines in the hospital, where we could laugh and enjoy each other's company. Over time, different families were discharged, and new ones joined the group. We feel so lucky to have had those people in our lives, during some of our most difficult days. If not for Ronald McDonald, we would not have had met all these wonderful families and the opportunity for support, while eating home-cooked meals, prepared by lovely people.


Spending Thanksgiving at Ronald McDonald, we were able to share a table, with some amazing friends that became family. I remember a group of firefighters came in to cook a turkey and all the fixings for us that day. The meal was beyond delicious and there was a feeling of family and home in the dining room. All the staff and volunteers worked very hard to make us, along with everyone else, feel as if we were at home with our families on Thanksgiving.”

Today, Amelia and Harper have just celebrated their 1st birthday at home happy, healthy, and thriving. Their parents have a message to share with RMHC-SWO donors:

Thank you for donating to this amazing program. The Ronald McDonald House helped us get through the hardest days of our life. With a bedroom so close to the hospital, we were able to spend all day with our daughters while knowing a warm dinner would be ready for us every night - a comfort we appreciated to this day.

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