We Were Paralyzed by Fear 24/7

We Were Paralyzed by Fear 24/7 The Road To Recovery

During those 11 months, RMHC was the only steady support that was offered to families like mine.

As a McDonald's manager, Tracey is used to keeping things organized and under control.  When her 9-year-old son was diagnosed with Stage 4 Precursor B-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, her control was replaced with a  sense of helplessness.  The situation was soon made worse when Kevin suffered a stroke.  RMHC would become a source of steady support as the Nadon family sought the best care possible - more than an hour away from home.

As you can imagine, we were paralyzed with fear 24/7 during the weeks following his stroke.  The support of our home-away-from-home kept us both close to our son while he was being treated.

RMHC kept Kevin's family close when it mattered most.  Coffee, snacks, a chat, laundry - anything they needed when they needed it.  Today, Kevin is 10-years-old, has been receiving treatment for the past 20 months, and is thriving.  While they still have many months left of treatments and scans, they know the comforts of home are there to see them through.

I am eternally grateful for this organization.  One of the only rock-solid supports offered to families with sick children.



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