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Who You Are Helping on McHappy Day! Helping Families from Your Community

Mchappy Day 2017
Our House is Your House 

Look who you are helping when you support families who need to stay close with RMHC-SWO. RMH London, RMH Windsor and our Family Room inside Children's Hospital each help keep families from your community close when their seriously ill child requires medical care away from home.

Be sure to visit your local McDonald's on May 3rd, 2017 for McHappy Day!

Your Support Helps Families Like...

The Moody Family poster highlighting their stay at RMH London for 34 nights
The Moodys 

From Goderich, ON
When Jack was just 7 months old, an MRI revealed a large tumor in the left hemisphere of his brain. Living in Goderich ON, Jack needed immediate surgery in London and his parents needed a way to stay close. The Moodys had a bedroom at RMH London in no time, and were able to spend the 8 hours Jack was in surgery with their support system –their family—beside them at the House. So far, staying close for 3 of Jacks procedures, the family feels comfort in knowing they will continue to have their home-away-from-home whenever they may need it.

The Fast Family poster highlighting their stay at RMH London for 101 nights and counting

The Fasts 

From Tilbury, ON
Just hours after being born, Kevin Fast was transferred from Chatham to London with severe newborn complications. After having a “normal” pregnancy, his parents’ hearts dropped as their fourth child went from happy – to sad— to barely surviving. The family has stayed close to Kevin at RMH London for 101 nights and counting. With Kevin’s weak immune system, the family often finds themselves traveling to the London hospital. The House has fun spaces for his siblings, meals that remind them of home and keeps the family close while Kevin continues to beat the odds.


The Arseneault Family poster highlighting their stay at RMH London for 92 nights
The Arseneaults

From Windsor, ON
After suffering a serious head trauma, 13 year old Madison was rushed from Windsor to London for intense medical attention. In a matter of minutes, Madison’s parents’ world was turned upside down as they raced to London –the thought of where they would stay hadn’t crossed their mind. Thankfully, there was a room waiting for them at RMH London where they would be able to stay close to Madison for the following 92 nights. Still with a long road ahead, Madison continues to astound doctors with her improvement after such a critical accident – she is writing the books on her recovery and her future.


The Plante Family poster highlighting their stay at RMH London for 90 nights

The Plantes

From Durham, ON
When 9 month old Desta had a cough that continued to worsen a trip to the doctor led to an X-ray revealing a mass in her right lung – within hours she was on an ambulance to London. The Plante family called RMH London their home-away-from-home for 90 nights while Desta underwent chemotherapy for Neuroblastoma. When she wasn’t in-hospital, the House gave Desta a safe home environment with lots of new spaces to explore. A year later, celebrating Desta’s 2nd birthday and a cancer-free diagnosis, the Plante family remains grateful for being able to stay close when they needed to most.


The Scott Family poster highlighting their stay at RMH London for 69 nights 
The Scotts

From Sarnia, ON
Taylor was 15 years old when doctors found an osteogenic sarcoma in her leg. Trips back and forth from her home in Sarnia to London for chemotherapy began immediately. As a sick teen, Taylor liked how the House kept her family close when she was in hospital for days on end. Providing them with their own space meant Taylor could still have hers when she needed it. Knowing her mom was just a text and short walk away gave Taylor the feeling of support and comfort of space she needed to battle her illness in her own way.


The Howe Family poster highlighting their stay at RMH London for 171 nights
The Howes

From Tillsonburg, ON
It was just days before Christmas when the Howe family received the overwhelming news that their baby boy had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. With two siblings expecting Santa’s arrival in just a few sleeps, having a bedroom at RMH London made it possible for the entire family to stay by Quinton’s side and still make holiday memories, together. Spending 171 nights at RMH London while Quinton received the care he needed, through all of their family’s struggles RMH has helped them to never feel alone. They know they can face unbelievable challenges as long as they are together.

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