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Staying Close to Hendrix

When Hendrix was just about 2 years old, unexplained fevers and a swollen foot led to many trips to the hospital without answers.  As an active and healthy boy, maybe it was just a twist of some sort?  However, a few weeks later, he awoke with a high fever, severe pain, and a knee so swollen he could not walk.

His mother, Amy, rushed him back to the emergency department where she was informed that Hendrix would require surgery immediately.  A single mother at the time, and during the height of Covid, Amy was left standing alone worrying if he would be okay.

During our stay, we were greeted daily by the Ronald McDonald House volunteers.  They came to chat, brought some coffee & treats, and even some toys for Hendrix. This is when we realized the smallest things can brighten someone’s day.

After a diagnosis of a septic knee, around-the-clock care, and 2 weeks of isolation, Hendrix was able to rejoin his big sisters Layla and Lucy back at home!  These days, Hendrix is thriving and excited to start school in September. While his scar reminds him of his time in the hospital, the positive impact RMH has made on their lives will last forever.

It has opened our eyes to the depths of stress – financial and emotional – parents go through when their child is sick or an emergency situation arises, how incredible children can heal when they are in supportive environments, and how having a space where families can live a normal life while going through an abnormal situation, can make a difference.


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