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When Firefighters make magic

The Magic Of Helping Families

When asked how the Lakeshore Firefighters Association came to raise such amazing support for Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario, firefighter Andre Marentette grinned mischievously and said, “By magic”.

There may have been a little magic involved, but there was also a lot of hard work and dedication.  Working in shifts, the firefighters stationed themselves at Mr. Bigg’s Sportsbar and Eatery in Belle River and raised an astounding $5000.00 by selling Nevada Tickets. 

When Andre delivered the donation, he was accompanied by the Mullins Family of Belle River.  Dad Justin, a fellow firefighter, is familiar with RMHC-SWO.  He and his wife Fahima stayed at the London House last year while their daughter Miranda received treatment for a brain tumour. Fahima says she fondly remembers the people at the House that were so caring at the worst time of their lives.

There was one day in particular where I was returning from the hospital crying and upset, a couple of the staff members came to me with a tray of cookies and tea, a gift bag with a soap set and a robe. We are so incredibly grateful and appreciative for our stay at the London House.

13-year-old Miranda is currently going through treatment at the Satellite Paediatic Oncology site at Windsor Regional Hospital. The budding artist (the painting shown is a Miranda original entitled The Girl on the Dock), is planning to write an illustrated children’s book about brain tumours. She’s also looking forward to taking part in the “Dinner at Our House” program at RMH Windsor. 

Miranda is a great cook! Her mashed potatoes are even better than my mom’s. - sister Alyssa

Maybe Andre Marentette was right after all. There was a definite charmed feeling when he and Mullins family visited the Windsor House.  It probably had a lot to do with Miranda’s indomitable spirit.  She … and it … are pure magic.

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